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Sick Child?

When should I go to the ER?

If it is an obvious emergency such as difficulty breathing, blue in the lips, or traumatic injury then you should go to the ER immediately or call 911. However, if you have a medical problem that normally is managed in the office then call us first even if it is after hours. ER visits are costly, inefficient, and may actually do more harm than good if you are not there for a true emergency.

What should I do about a cold?

If it is an infant use the bulb syringe with non-medicated saline drops. Place 2-3 drops in the nose and then suction it out with the bulb syringe. We recommend that Infants under 2-years of age avoid over-the-counter cold medication. If your child is running a fever you may give them liquid Tylenol or Motrin. Children older than two can take an over the counter medication after first talking to us about the type and dose. Also be sure to increase fluid intake. If your child isn’t recovering in a few days, is particularly irritable, has a cough that wakes them up at night, is choking, or having any trouble breathing you should see us.

What do I do about my vomiting child?

Give fluids slowly. Initially you can continue with formula but if the vomiting continues use pedialyte. Remember to go slowly! A few sips every few minutes and then work up to 1/2 to 1 oz at a time as able. Older children can take sports drinks and water and crackers.

When do I need to bring my child in that is vomiting?

If you see any signs of dehydration such as irritable, not crying with as many tears, infrequent urination, or sleeping a lot you should call us.

What do I do about a fever?

If you know that the cause of the fever is a cold or viral stomach bug then the main issue is treating the temperature with medication to make them feel better. We don’t recommend giving any Motrin until the child is at least 6-months of age. If the child has a fever of 102 – 104 that continues to rise again soon after the Tylenol or Motrin has worn off you can put them in a bath a little cooler than you would bathe them in and sponge them off. You can also put Gatorade in the freezer until it becomes slushy. You can feed it to them by spoon to get something cool in them every 30-mins or so. Make sure they are dressed in light clothing and not wrapped up in a heavy blanket. If the child is under 6 months and/or you are not sure of the cause of the fever, call right away.