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When should I go to the ER?

You should go to the emergency room for medical emergencies, and most people know what these are: bad falls or trauma, breathing difficulty, mental changes, poisonings, and such things.  Many patients however go to the ER for common mild illnesses such as runny nose, fever, or vomiting and diarrhoea.  It is a bad idea to go to the ER for minor illnesses.  If it is after hours and your child is not particularly ill but you are thinking about going to the ER, call me first!

Are you open to a customized vaccine schedules?

Yes. We feel it is the parents decision and our job is to educate the parent as much as we can based on our own experience and perspective. We have patients that prefer no vaccines at all and patients who go by the standard vaccine schedule.

What is a customized vaccine schedule?

People have different fears about vaccines. One patient may be concerned about side effects, while some may be concerned about giving too many at one time. We try to find out what each individual’s concerns are and discuss them. After discussing then we can work out a customized schedule based on what they feel comfortable with.

How do I get advice after hours?

You can always call the office after hours and a recording will direct you as to how you can reach Dr. Ryan.

How is scheduling handled?

Our scheduling goals are to give proper time to everybody, see sick patients on the same day they call, and have certain hours of the day set aside exclusively for health checks and newborn visits (8:15 to 9:30 and 1:15 to 2:30).

If you have a sick child, it is best to call as early in the day as you can to schedule a visit.  Understand that we may ask you a few questions first to see if your child might be better off staying home.  In these situations, a nurse or provider can call you back to discuss the specific symptoms.

Dr. Ryan sees patients on the weekends and holidays if needed.  It is best to contact him early in the morning (7:30 to 8:30) to arrange such visits.

We strongly discourage walk-ins.  This only takes time from the patients who are scheduled.  If your child has a medical emergency that can’t wait a few hours, then go to the emergency room.  Urgent medical problems are best handled with a phone call first.


When should you see my newborn?

If there were no complications during birth the general rule is we should see them within 2-days of going home from the hospital. If there were complications during birth or your baby has jaundice you may be directed to see your pediatrician earlier. The best thing to do is call and speak with the doctor to schedule your first appointment before leaving the hospital.


What if you don’t have insurance or have an HSA or high deductible insurance? Do you have flat rates?

Yes. We welcome cash patients and in order to accommodate them we have what we call the Simple Care Plan where the fees are a flat rate of $30 – $50 – $75 based on what type of care you require.